Welcome to Lojix Design Group

Lojix Design Group is a contemporary branding and design studio based in Greeley, Colorado. We specialise in building innovative brands, creative web design and digital marketing. When we take on your project, you will have a team of highly qualified design professionals at your finger tips. We're an energetic and determined team driven by results, committed to helping your business succeed.

What We Do

Lojix is all about equipping thriving businesses with the best tools for the road ahead. Whether it be intuitive workflow apps for mobile platforms, or wildly sophisticated e-commerce systems, it is imperative to align one’s company with a technical team that can navigate the rough waters of rapid scaling.

Brand Identity

Developing a brand stagey is the most crucial step in the marketing process. At Lojix we guide our clients through all levels of brand development.

Web Design

No two companies are the same, and that is why at Lojix we create custom solutions to meet client needs. But more importantly the needs of the clients target audience.

Digital Marketing

Video is a captivating and highly engaging media that can effectively tell an entire brand story within a very short time. Lojix can create a wide variety of video content from commercial production, product demonstrations, and other motion specific, visual collateral.

Graphic Design

What Our clients are Saying

  • "We were very impressed from the first conversation. The level of experience and thought and care that went into our project was amazing! "

    Allen Bloomberg

    From the Sun Organics

    "Working from India with Lojix Design Group was a pleasure. The turn around time was fast and on time. Their communication was professional and courteous. "

    Gopi Goganti


  • "Thank you for all the hard work. The site looks amazing and thank you for going over and above to make sure we knew what was going on all the way through. "

    The Entire Team

    National Insurance

    "When we decided to create our company, our vision was to bring to life a website that didn’t look like a website. "

    Alex Dantas

    Coolnect Social Media, Brazil

"Thank you for all your dedication to not only creating a stunning brand identity, but also for asking us the right questions so we could produce the best possible representation of our corporate motto. "

Archway Investors Group

Archway Investors Group

"Thank you for your patience working with our foundation. You really went out of your way to help us find the right look and feel for our new practices, and we appreciate all your help."

Piper Martins

Naturopathic Clinics Group

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